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This gateway is for you, the financial professional, helping you drill down into the complexities of Split Funded Defined Benefit Pension Plans (SFDBPP). Here you will earn an in-depth education, an advanced degree, if you will on these tax-advantaged pension plans. Detailed case studies and video webinars to arm you with all the tools you need to recognize potential plan clients. You will have access to the latest news, trends, and legislation on SFDBPPs.

We demystify Split Funded Defined Benefit Pension Plans with step-by-step guides, helping you take that extra step forward to identify strong prospects and learn how to market these concepts effectively.

What is your client profile– entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, C-Suite executives, all of the above? Chances are some, if not all of them, would be a good fit for these customized plans.

Our video webinars— led by our team of PQ pros—are presented in a user-friendly format, breathing new life into these pension plans and walking you through the process, from prospecting, initial case analysis to implementation; from the first client conversation to plan installation.

Review our Case Studies— ranging from large law firms, medium-sized medical practices, self-employed individuals, and family-owned, privately held small businesses— to profile your own clients. Our in-depth cases focus on problem solving.

Blog posts, authored by members of PensionQuote’s Executive Team, keep you up to date with the latest product trends, discussions and changes in the legal environment.

Our comprehensive Glossary is curated to provide you with the relevant terms and definitions that you need to know. Quick Links connect you to key areas, such as IRS Codes, from which these plans are derived. Relevant links to government legislation, agencies, and educational institutions help you become fluent in the world of Split Funded Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

Think of the PensionQuote team as your business partners, and sales support staff in your pocket. We are passionate about pensions and about creating profitable relationships between you and your clients.

We know this Members Area– by invitation only—will help you develop a niche market in the lucrative field of Split Funded Defined Benefit Pension Plans.

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We are pioneers in retirement planning, featuring tax-advantaged defined benefit pension plans as exit strategies for high net worth clients. We partner with top industry Advisers to bring their clients preferred solutions to achieve large income tax deductions.


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