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For your high income business owner clients who are interested in learning about a very effective tax deduction strategy and how it can be utilized in their overall retirement planning goals and also wealth transfer needs—they should take a moment to read this interesting article. The focus of the attached article centers around a very effective qualified plan strategy, a defined benefit pension plan. The main attraction to this type of plan is how it is successfully used to mitigate the payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes over the life of the plan for business owners.


With presidential candidates releasing their financial balance sheets and income tax returns over the last few weeks it was no surprise to us at PensionQuote Inc. to see those who have access to the best financial and tax planning advice. These individuals are taking advantage of the tax deductible contributions that are available to high income business owners in a defined benefit pension plan.

With the establishment of one of these plans, business owners are able to contribute larger amounts of tax deductible contributions for themselves in these types of plans versus your basic 401k and Profit Sharing approach. As an example, a 50 year old business owner in a properly designed 401k/Profit Sharing Plan can contribute a maximum of $59,000 annually. The defined benefit plan approach would now provide the same 50 year business owner with an annual contribution of $200,000+. All contributions into the defined benefit plan are fully tax deductible to the business owner. This strategy is all about tax deduction in a rising tax environment for your high income business owner clients.

The most common profile of candidates for these types of plans would be a self-employed individual or small business owners/partnerships—think high income consultant, real estate agent, lobbyist, doctor practice or law firm—generally who are over the age of 40.

Here at PensionQuote Inc. our team specializes in exactly this type of plan design, consulting and also annual administration. The creation and successful implementation of these plans are the core of our business model . Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have.

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