Time For New Strategy On ClockSpringtime not only ushers in an end to a long, brutal winter, it also gives rise to blooming flowers and blossoming ideas that are fresh on every high net worth client’s mind—Asset Protection!

High income clients are busily meeting with their CPAs… wrapping up their 2014 filings, and they’re coming to the realization that the new tax increases are going to take a big bite out of the bottom line. The vast majority of these business owners are looking for any type of relief for their growing tax burden.

That’s why Springtime— from March to June, is the optimal time to clean out old ideas and pave the way for new ones. It provides an opportunity to engage these business owners to review how they made out on their 2014 filings.

More importantly, it positions you, the money manager, as the Easter Bunny—the bearer of good news delivering a solution to help resolve their large tax bill going forward. How? Wait for it; wait for it— with a Split Funded Defined Benefit Plan. Boom!

Partnering with PensionQuote and engaging clients and their CPAs during these months, allows for a thorough spring cleaning as we take a team approach to review key elements, crunch the numbers, and implement a Split Funded Defined Benefit Plan at a comfortable pace.

Implementing a SFDB Plan early in the year allows for immediate, up-front tax savings. One major benefit is an opportunity for the CPA to instantly utilize that tax deduction for business planning purposes for the rest of the year.

The deduction allows the accountants to apply it as an offset to the client’s quarterly filing obligations. The offset allows business owners to utilize it each quarter, creating more cash flow to remain on the books, instead of sending it in quarterly filings to run the business.

Additionally, adjustments often need to be made to owner salaries, current retirement plan documents, and current plan amendments, which can be accommodated more easily now versus during the year-end rush with looming deadlines. This allows advisors to provide the client with the VIP treatment they deserve.


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