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retirement-plan-designPensionQuote has the preferred solutions for business owners seeking larger income tax deductions, asset protection, and flexibility in retirement planning.  In fact, the recent tax code changes related to qualified plans have created a resurgence of retirement planning for high income clients seeking custom qualified plans.

At PensionQuote, retirement plan design and third party administration is all we do; we are elite designers in the industry. That’s why many of the nation’s most prestigious insurance companies, brokerage firms, and financial institutions refer our services to their respective brokers, financial advisors/consultants, agents, and money managers.

To begin the process, a financial and/or tax advisor will call us and present the client situation. If the opportunity sounds promising, we will request current census information and then get to work to draft a custom Report which addresses the client’s specific income tax deduction and employee cost objectives.  With the help of a PensionQuote executive, the Report is presented to the client at which time all issues and questions are explored.  One of our strengths is our ability to satisfy the client’s and advisor’s goals in an easy-to-understand format.

Our plan documents are custom drafted. We listen carefully to the advisor and client and develop strategies that address clients’ expectations, budget, and business culture. In many cases, the client’s contribution objectives can be met without the need to increase employee cost.

Since these plans have such broad application, the following are examples of business owners who may be interested in a custom plan:

  • A business can be a sole proprietor with no employees
  • A small corporation or partnership with several stockholders or partners with only a few employees
  • Partnerships or businesses with twenty, fifty or more partner/stockholders with hundreds of employees
  • Many clients are large professional groups of physicians or attorneys with 50 or more partners and hundreds of employees who benefit greatly from our designs
  • A small family business with husband/wife owners, a few older children on the payroll, and a handful of other employees


With income tax rates on the rise and custom plans being more flexible than ever, now is the time to call PensionQuote.   The choice is clear – either implement a plan and take advantage of the current IRS guidelines, or continue to write big checks to the IRS each April 15th.

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We are pioneers in retirement planning, featuring tax-advantaged defined benefit pension plans as exit strategies for high net worth clients. We partner with top industry Advisers to bring their clients preferred solutions to achieve large income tax deductions.


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